Road to Snow celebrates its first anniversary !

It's official, Road to Snow is now 1 year old!

It's amazing how fast a baby grows up.

Remember a year ago, almost to the day, Road to Snow was pointing its nose at the dawn of the first snow on our modest territory.

The snow chain sharing community then underwent a radiant start, melting snow in the sun! In particular thanks to the spotlights of the "Moniteur Automobile", the DH, the l', Brussels Zero Waste, Zerocarabistouille or even through the video capsules of BX1 and "On n'est pas des pigeons" and its passage on their trays.

After less than a month of launch, Road to Snow passed the 100 snow chains mark!

He says his first words

Always with the aim of pleasing and supporting this growing community, Road to Snow has internationalized by offering a site in three languages. No more language barriers, Road to Snow speaks fluently French, Dutch and English!  

It even seems that he has the idea of welcoming our French and Dutch neighbours for the occasion. Imagine being able to book channels along the way to your favourite station from your home. 

Winter is Coming... season 2!

After its first winter, the channel-sharing community did not stop there and continued to grow. Now Road to Snow offers more than 450 channels available throughout Belgium, through a community of nearly 700 members delighted to be able to share their channels or looking for the right pair of channels for their car and close to home.

This new winter season of Road to Snow also promises to be rich in improvements, as the site will soon be equipped with the latest search filters, interactive channel location maps, a customizable product photo... and much more! Stay tuned!!!!!

A community in GOLD

It is important to mention that the success of Road to Snow is above all, and above all, due to this growing community, proud to be able to contribute to the zero waste motorcycle on its own scale. Whether it is by offering snow chains that are sleeping at home, or by looking for chains adapted to your tires near you rather than buying new ones.

This small country is full of many unused chains that hope one day to be able to help a holidaymaker walking its mountain, or simply a worker amazed by the mountain of snow that fell at night.

Come blow out our candle with us and join the ROAD TO SNOW community!

Blog - Last modification on Dec. 14, 2019

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