What is your tire size ?

Sharing snow chains made easy

If you care about the stuff you buy and are tired of buying products you only use once, then Road to Snow is for you.

We will help you find suitable snow chains close to you.

Stop buying the useless, rent from your neighbours.
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So ... What is your tire size ?

is for you if:
  • You care about the planet, you don't like waste and you don't want to also buy new
  • You use snow chains once or twice a year
  • You don't know how to easily find used snowchains fitting your tire size
  • You are not afraid of meeting people like you

If you have snow chains in your garage and think they could be useful to someone (from time to time), then Road to Snow is for people like you.

Here you can share, rent or sell your snow chains to your friends or people in your neighbourhood.

Add your snow chains, make them available to the community.
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Save them online !

is for you if:
  • You have snow chains sleeping in your storage room, cellar or garage
  • You want to share your snow chains or socks with your friends, colleagues and neighbours
  • You think reuse is better then new
  • You want to share or resell second hand

Why you should use ?


We believe in local and collaborative. We want to help people find items nearby. On Road to Snow, you will rent snow chains to your friends, family and neighbours in just a few clicks.


We offer this service for FREE. We take no commission on the reservations or sales. This way, we give people the opportunity to buy or rent snow chains at an affordable price.

No waste

Stop buying and storing, start renting. You want to sell your snow chains because you never use them? That's possible too!

Find snow chains in your area Share your snow chains

A simple way to find snow chains everywhere in Belgium

On Road to Snow, you can find snow chains for rent or sale in locations close to you.

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What do our users think about ?

Before, I used to buy new snow chains each time I got a new car. Now, I share my old chains on your website and rent from others if necessary.



Thanks! In the end I rent snow chains from a colleague who was already registered on the website.



Simple, I finally found snow chains nearby just before my skiing trip.



The review system makes it easier to choose the most suitable product for your car. I recommend



Last added products

More than 630+ snow chains and socks are available on our website. You can filter them by location, type or tire size. It's easy.

Here under, you find the last 4 snow chains our community and partners added. Thank you all for making this a success !