Who are we ?

We are three young belgian workers, geeks, sportives and fond of outdoor activities. The idea of Road To Snow appeared to us after a ski holiday from which each of us returned with a different set of chains. We thus decided to develop Road to Snow as a "One-Stop-Shop for snow chains renting between individuals".

After a few hundred hours spent at learning (thank you Udemy!), coding and debugging the Website; Road to Snow finally emerged end of November 2018, perfectly synced with the first snowflakes.

Our motto? :  "Share snow chains, save money, make friends"


Why might we all have snow chains aging in our basement?

Aah Belgium, land of fries, chocolate, tasty beers, Manneken Pis and... company cars! Driven by tax incentives, belgian companies are used to provide company cars to their employees.

As a result: Nearly one belgian out of 5 can benefit from company cars yet the belgian fleet is the most recent one of Europe. Most leasing vehicles are sold no more than four years later. Promotions and employees turnover tend to lower this number even more as vehicles are changing even faster of owner. As each new car owner might buy a set of brand new snow chains when winter is coming - previous set(s) being unfortunatly not compatible anymore-, this leads to a tremendous amount of snow chains being stored in the basement, or even worse... threw away. This is precisly where Road to Snow appears to recycle these sets of snow chains by making them again profitable.  

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Wat is je bandenmaat?

More than 100 snowchains online. And you?