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Snow chains Prime +9 n°26 of Snow chains rental
@ Drogenbos (1620)

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Technical characteristics

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Type Chains
Model Prime +9 n°26
Location Drogenbos (1620) in Brabant Flamand
Compatible tire sizes 225/75R15 - 235/75R15 - 245/60R15 - 255/60R15 - 265/50R15 - 275/50R15 - 215/75R16 - 235/65R16 - 245/55R16 - 255/55R16 - 225/60R17 - 235/55R17 - 255/45R17 - 265/40R17 - 275/35R17 - 275/40R17 - 235/55R18 - 245/40R18 - 245/45R18 - 245/50R18 - 255/45R18 - 265/40R18 - 275/40R18 - 285/30R18 - 285/35R18 - 245/35R19 - 245/40R19 - 255/35R19 - 265/30R19
Purchase year None
Description Snow chains rental est spécialisé dans la location de chaînes neige en Belgique. Chez nous vous trouverez sûrement un jeu en location adapté à vos pneus.
Prime +9 n°26
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Find snow chains close to your home. Second hand snow chains everywhere in Belgium, France and Holland. Looking for snow chains that fit your tires? Your neighbours might have them in the garage. Rent their snow chains or share them yours.


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For rent

30 €/week + 50€ deposit

At pick up you will pay 30€ for the rent and 50€ deposit. When you bring the snow chains back, you get your deposit of 50€ back. Check whether the product is available for the period you want.

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Not for sale


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This product is always available except for the following periods:

You didn't find snow chains for the period you leave? Or you want to check more snow chains? Don't worry we have more than 300 snow chains. You will find some close to you ! Rent snow chains in Brabant Flamand


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Snow chains rental

Member since: 2018

Professionnel de la location. Je possède 35 jeux disponibles. Dites - moi la taille de vos pneus. La location se fait avec un contrat. Prix de la location 7 jours = 30€. Jour supplémentaire = 3€. Tout retard de plus de deux jours, vous fera perdre votre garantie.

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