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Snow chains Michelin Easygrip X12 Composite of julie
@ Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (1150)

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Type Chains
Model Michelin Easygrip X12 Composite
Location Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (1150) in Bruxelles (19 communes)
Compatible tire sizes 235/70R16 - 225/65R17 - 235/65R17 - 225/60R18 - 235/60R18 - 235/65R18
Purchase year 2017
Description Chaussettes michelin easy grip neuves ! Jamais utilisé car changement de véhicule. Convient pour suv, 4x4 ou gros pneu voir photos
Michelin Easygrip X12 Composite
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Find snow chains close to your home. Second hand snow chains everywhere in Belgium, France and Holland. Looking for snow chains that fit your tires? Your neighbours might have them in the garage. Rent their snow chains or share them yours.


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You didn't find snow chains for the period you leave? Or you want to check more snow chains? Don't worry we have more than 300 snow chains. You will find some close to you ! Rent snow chains in Bruxelles (19 communes)


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